Discover the world of Ill Tower

Ill Tower is a dungeon-crawler / platformer with some roguelite mechanics. You play as a thief who finds himself imprisoned in a tower controlled by an unknown powerful being. In order to reach the top, you must first survive its many traps and powerful magic, condemning you to eternally relive the climb.
Climb, slide, fight the Tower’s guardians and try to recover your stolen soul.

Play a thief in a sick world

Guide a soulless thief through a tower riddled with disease and madness.
Climb the tower’s floors one by one to uncover its mysteries and rise to the top of your reputation as a thief.

Randomly generated environments

The world of Ill Tower is constantly changing.
Explore the Ill Tower and try to make your way through its labyrinth! The randomly generated rooms will give you a different experience every time you play.

Outwit the traps of the tower master

The Ill Tower is a hellish place straight out of the twisted mind of its mysterious master.
Many traps await you on your way.
Die, start over, and test new skill combinations to get out alive.

A range of skills at your disposal

Use your basic skills, including slide, dash and grapple to avoid the many traps in the tower.
Visit an ancient and mysterious shop lost in time and discover new bonuses that will help you reach the top.

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Ill Tower is a project partly funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.

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